Garage Door Opener Installation

Garage Door Opener Installation

Professional Garage Door Opener Installation in Long Island.

Garage door openers are one of the most key parts of a garage door. it is in a way like the nucleus of the garage door. It works hand in hand with other parts of the garage door to facilitate effective raising and lowering of the garage door. Therefore, being the central part of a garage door, it is not possible for it to function without the opener. For quality garage door opener installation, consult Garage Door Pro Long Island.

The Best Garage Door Opener Installation Company in Long Island.

At Garage Door Pro Long Island, we are whizzes in all services relating to garage door services, including garage door spring repair and garage door opener installation being one of them. Our team is adequately equipped with the knowledge of different types of openers we have. Therefore, to solve any problem related to garage door openers and their installation, it is a walk in the park for them. Our technicians are highly skilled, licensed and certified, making them the perfect people for the job. With the right tools and equipment that we provide to them, they are able to perform the faultless job in a very short period of time.

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Factors to consider when purchasing garage door openers.

We not only install openers for our clients, but we also help them purchase the right openers depending on the following factors.

Their power ratings.

The higher the rating of the garage door openers, the higher it’s lifespan. Depending on the type of garage door and the amount of work it is expected to do, we help our customers buy openers with a rating that will withhold the amount of work.

Drive mechanism.

When there is an attachment between the garage door and your home, we advocate for belt drive openers are the ones to go for. If there is no attachment to your home and the garage door, then chain drive openers suit best.


Reliability becomes a factor in terms of the opener’s lifespan. Quality openers should have a long lasting service. Also, the warranty is another aspect to check. Go for warranted openers to cover for times when they break or get damaged after a short time after buying.


Thanks to technology, high quality openers are no in the market that makes it possible to connect with your smartphone. This facilitates the homeowner access the security of his home even at work or any other place.

Types of garage door openers we install

At Garage Door Pro Long Island, we offer garage door opener installation services of three basic types.

Chain Drive Garage Door Openers.

These are the most common openers. They operate with the help of a metal chain and tend to be very loud. They are the cheapest and the ones to go for if the noise is not irritating to you.

Belt Drive Garage Door Openers.

Belt driven openers are the quietest openers. They work with the help of a rubber belt. In terms of quality, they are probably the best and come with a lifetime warranty.

Screw-driven openers.

These ones use a lifting device that operates on a threaded steel rod. They work best in places with constant temperatures and weather conditions.

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Importance of Garage Door Opener Installation.

Garage door openers are a very integral part of your garage door. Installing a garage door openers means that you not only add on the security of your home but also your whole family. This is because with garage door opener installation, it is very hard for a person to open the door from the outside.


The major reason for having a garage door opener installed is convenience. With an opener, you do not have to get out of your vehicle every time you want to park your vehicle. With a push of a button, you can open and close your garage door.


With the recent developments, garage door openers can be a source of lighting. They have in-built lights that lighten your driveway. This light in helpful at night and during bad weathers conditions, without having to incur the costs of buying security lights.

Little Energy Usage

Garage openers are also helpful in minimizing energy use. Automatic garage door openers require very less energy to operate them. You do not have to do it manually, rather, with the push of a button, the gate can open and close by itself.

Garage door opener installation comes in with very many benefits that are all not worth foregoing. For quality installation services, contact our technicians, and for other services related to garage doors.

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Garage Door Spring Repair

Garage Door Spring Repair

Reasons Why You Should Always Call for Garage Door Spring Repair Long Island.

For a garage door to operate more smoothly, all the comprising it must be in their right working condition. Any damaged or broken part results in a malfunction. One of the major parts of a garage door that may pose a very dangerous risk to both your family and property are the garage door springs. With the often lifting and lowering of your garage door, many of its parts are bound to break or wear out. This is a major challenge, especially for the springs. The reason behind this is that a lot of stress is mounted on them each time the gate is opening or closing. Consequently making it important to have garage door spring repair services in hand.

The Best Garage Door Spring Repair Company in Long Island.

To install and repair broken and worn out garage door springs, call Garage Door Pro Long Island. We are the best garage door spring repair services, providers. Most noteworthy, we respect our clients very much since they are our bosses. We work to ensure that their needs are fully met without any fuss. Basing on our positive reviews, we are proud to say that we have built a very solid reputation on the way we render our services in the many years we have been working. We are whizzes in all works entailing garage doors. We deliver both residential and commercial services.

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Types of garage door springs

Before beginning any garage door spring repair measures, it is wise to get the knowledge on what type of garage door spring you are working on. There are two different types of garage door springs, working very differently and thus require very different repair measures.

Torsion garage door springs.

They are the most common type of garage door springs. They have very tight coils of metal that help in generating the torque which works to lift the door up and down. Moreover, torsion garage door springs come in s set of four different types, all with different weights and sizes. They are the standard torsion springs (ideal for residential use), steel rolling (for commercial construction), early set and the torque torsion springs. Torsion springs do not pose a lot of danger when damaged.

Extension springs.

These ones expand and contract when the garage door raise or lower. Two of them are attached to the ceiling of the garage door at each side. Due to their volatility when they break, safety cables are installed.

Indicators that your garage door springs need attention

  • Any visible gaps between the coils are one of the indicators. These gaps show that the springs can no longer produce the tension required to raise and lower the garage door.
  • Misalignment of any of the garage door sides. When one of the garage door sides is sagging, it means that one of the springs is unable to raise or lower the door effectively.
  • Also, any wear and tear in a spring mean that the springs are worn out and require replacement.
  • Excessive noises when raising and lowering a garage door. These noises may be as a result of broken springs or lack of lubrication.
  • Lack of safety cables. It is important to have safety cables if you are using extension springs. These cables provide an added layer of safety.  They act as a safety measure when the springs break.

Garage door spring repair includes very simple measures that a homeowner can perform on their own. This includes;

  • Lubricating the springs.
  • Adjusting them when the door seems to be out of balance
  • Tightening loose screws and nuts

To avoid having now and then troubles with your springs, here are some practices to consider;

Replacing both springs.

A garage door opener operates with the help of two or more springs, depending on its complexity. If one of the springs break, it means that the other spring will soon break. To avoid future expenses, it is wise that when of the springs break, have both of them replaced.

Use the right springs.