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Do you need to replace a broken spring? Is your Garage door need to be repaired? Need a secondary remote control? Need a new Garage door installation? Get the best info and prices here at Garage Door Pro – Long Island, NY. The best garage door services all over NYC.

Long Island Garage Door services

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Garage door installation

Need a new Garage Door? You’ve come to the right place. Our company’s technicians are fully insured and qualified to install and repair any garage door.

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Garage door Opener

Do you need a new Garage Door opener? Does your remote stop working? We will fix it right away. No job is too small or big, call now to get the job done: 917.436.0006.

Spring repair & replacement

A broken spring is a common issue with old Garage Doors. We will install and replace your old spring. Repair your door and align it till it works as expected.

Garage Door Installation – Free Estimate!

Let Garage Door Pro Long Island to install your new garage door and you’ll be amazed from our excellent services. Click here to contact us or call now: 917.436.0006. Our team will come over and show our doors designs. Together we will choose the best Garage Door for you.

Annual Inspection and maintenance.

We offer annual inspection & maintenance to your garage door. We want you to keep your door in the optimum condition. Call us at 917.436.0006 and get your yearly inspection today.

Garage Door Repair in Long Island and Beyond

Do you have a standard garage door that needs to be fixed up? Look no further. Does your automatic garage door is broken? We can help you right away. We live in Long Island and would love to help our neighbors. Call us at 917.436.0006 and get your garage repair job done today.

Check out why we are the best Garage Door repair company in Long Island, NY.

Garage Door Opener Repair on Long Island.

We work directly with LiftMaster. Therefore you will get the best deal for you garage opener repair. We have original parts and supplies for your garage opener. Don’t wait, call 917.436.0006.

Spring & hinges replacement.

Spring and hinges are getting wear and tear after a few years. Even though it looks like an easy job to do, it’s hazardous. The power of a stretched spring might cause severe damage and injuries. We would like you to stay safe; please call us at 917.436.0006, and we will be glad to assist you.

Why choose Garage Door Pro Long Island services?

First, we are local, fast and courteous service, 100% satisfaction. Second, we offer the best prices & deals all over NYC. Third, we would like to have you as our customer, and we would do everything you make you please.
Our team is highly experienced with all garage doors brands. We work on a daily basis in NYC. And above all, we are licensed and insured for any scenario.

Long Island Garage Door Services.

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We work directly with LiftMaster

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Fast delivery

Are you a resident of Long Island, NY? We are your neighbors. Nice to meet you, we will come over as soon as possible. Give us a call and become one of our loyal clientele in Long Island, NY.

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We work with the highest quality products in the market for Garage Door repairing and services. From a garage door spring to Hi-Tech solutions for garage doors.

Customer service

Nino (The Owner) is a real gem in Long Island's garage door technicians. A dedicated owner, and will do anything to make the uncomfortable moment to a great experience.

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